Back Hurt While Sitting? It Might Be a “McDonald’s Seat” (Blog)

Back Hurt While Sitting? It Might Be a “McDonald’s Seat” –  Anyone older than 25 will probably remember a time when the inside of a McDonald’s looked a lot different than how it does today. Before McDonald’s upgraded to a more “café” decor, the insides of McDonald’s looked more like fun houses than restaurants. The walls and furniture were painted bright red and yellow, and the tables featured a very peculiar kind of seat. The seat was made of a hard plastic and had a rounded indention in the center of the seat, as though someone had sat in the plastic before it had fully hardened and created a natural dip in the seat. But there was far more to this design than meets the eye… The seats were specially designed to be comfortable when a person first sat down – this would encourage patrons to stay and eat at the restaurant. However, the seat wasn’t comfortable for long. After around 30 minutes the shape of the seat would result in pain in the lower back and hips. This was intentional. The designers of the seats wanted patrons to sit for a meal, but then leave right after to keep a flow of people in-and-out of the restaurant. The seat was designed for just that purpose. It was especially comfortable when a person first sat in it, but the shape and design would eventually result in the pelvis sliding forward, creating tension and pain in the lower back. So what does this have to do with YOUR back pain? All too often we choose to buy/sit in chairs that, while not designed intentionally so, become painful to sit in for extended periods of time. When “test-driving” chairs at furniture stores, we sit in them for 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. They feel soft and supportive for a few brief moments then, after not even 15-20 minutes, we start to fidget and slouch. If you can’t sit in your car seat or office chair for more than 30 minutes without readjusting yourself or feeling pain, you probably have a “McDonald’s Seat”. There is a solution though. Buying a seat cover that provides consistent, even, and firm support to the pelvis and lower back. Buy a Back|Seat today and see the difference a little more support and structure can make in improving posture and reducing pain. Read more about the “McDonald’s Seat” here:
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