Are there discounts for bulk orders?
Yes! Back|Seat has worked in the past with companies on discounted bulk orders to meet the needs of their employees. If you are looking to make a larger order for your business contact us at
Can I buy the Back|Seat anywhere else?
Currently the Back|Seat is only for sale on our website. However, we are working every day to expand and grow to bring our product to as many people as possible.
How Can I Get a Back|Seat – Cost Free?
If you purchase your Back|Seat to help relieve pain on the job, you may be eligible to write-off the entire cost of the Back|Seat during the tax-year of purchase. Truck drivers, airline pilots, office workers, and others may all qualify for this routine deduction. Generally, such work expense deductions must meet the following three requirements:
  • Paid or incurred during your tax year,
  • For carrying on your trade or business of being an employee, and
  • Ordinary and necessary.
An expense is ordinary if it is common and accepted in your trade, business, or profession. An expense is necessary if it is appropriate and helpful to your business. An expense doesn’t have to be required to be considered necessary. Be sure to check with your accountant and/or tax professional to ensure you are eligible and qualified for this deduction. READ MORE AT IRS.GOV:  
Returns & Refunds?
Back|Seat Company has a 30-day returns and exchanges policy. You may return your merchandise to Back|Seat Company within 30 days upon the receipt of your product. Refunds will be applied to original credit card used at the time of purchase. Postage will only be refunded on returns due to defective merchandise or an error in shipping. Postage will not be refunded on returns due to general complaints regarding the product. In the event that the style being returned is no longer available for exchange, a product of equal value may be ordered. Back|Seat Company will only honor returns on orders placed directly with Back|Seat Company. Back|Seat Company will not honor returns on merchandise purchased at retail locations or purchased second-hand. Back|Seat Company will only honor the exchange of product purchased from an authorized dealer. Exchange must be for the same product, or a product of the same value. In the event that the retail store where you purchased the item is no longer in business or reachable, Back|Seat Company will exchange the merchandise for that of equal value. Back|Seat Company does not accept returns or exchanges from purchases made outside the United States. Items may not be worn or damaged. Shipping charges will only be covered by Back|Seat Company in the event of a return or exchange of a defective product, or a shipping error.
When can I expect my Back|Seat to arrive?
Your product will be shipped out to you within 12 hours of ordering and be delivered to your designated shipping address within 2-7 days, depending on your location. For any issues concerning shipping, contact us at
Who can benefit from the Back|Seat?
Anyone who wants a better sitting experience or who suffers from lower back pain while sitting. Office workers, truck drivers, airline pilots – anyone who spends multiple hours a day sitting down and is looking to alleviate back pain and/or improve posture can benefit from the support and structure of the Back|Seat.
Why is the Back|Seat firmer than most seat cushions?
The Back|Seat is designed with the understanding that what is most comfortable in the short term is not always best for our bodies over the long term. Soft seats and cushions are comfortable when we first sit down, but lack the structure to give our spines the support they need. As we sink into a soft cushion, our pelvises slide forward and the slouching motion of the spine results in lower back pain. The Back|Seat is designed to prevent slouching, encourage proper posture, and alleviate lower back pain from sitting. For more information about the science and philosophy behind the product check out the About page.
Will the Back|Seat fix my back problems?
The Back|Seat is an innovative approach to alleviating the back pain felt while sitting for extended periods of time. However, the product is not meant to be used as treatment or therapy for any injuries or conditions. Be sure to consult with your doctor or chiropractor before using the product if you recently had surgery or suffer from severe back pain