The Back|Seat represents the culmination of a 20-year mission to find a simple and effective approach to lower back pain. The creators of the Back|Seat have spent the last two decades traveling the globe, searching for a way to alleviate their back pain that didn’t require expensive treatments or invasive surgery. After years of suffering from lower back pain that neither doctors, nor chiropractors, nor physical therapists could treat, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We set out to find a seat cushion that could relieve the back pain we felt whenever we sat or drove or traveled. Despite trying dozens of models, we couldn’t find a single seat cushion that made sitting comfortably. It seemed to us, that each of the cushions suffered from the same fatal flaw, they were too soft. This idea was a radical departure from the conventional wisdom surrounding seat cushions. But when all other options fail, the radical warrants a closer look. We began to test and produce different seat cushions based on this simple concept; structure and support are more important to spine health than pillowy comfort. Traditional seat cushions for back pain incorrectly assume that back pain can be eased with more cushioning and give. But does it really stand to reason, that the problem with your NASA-designed, memory foam-padded, ergonomically-crafted office chair is that the chair isn’t soft enough? Soft chairs and cushions lead to the slouching of the spine as our bodies cave into the cushion. That slouching action is responsible for the lower back pain that millions of Americans suffer from every day. Don’t waste another dollar paying for a seat cushion to put on top of another seat cushion. Give your back the support and structure that it needs. Don’t go soft on your lower back pain. Stand up to pain and buy a Back|Seat today.