The Back|Seat is sleek, discreet, and portable; designed with a carrying handle and perfectly sized to fit inside briefcases or laptop bags. The Back|Seat can be used in conjunction with nearly every common seating option, including, but not limited to; car seats, office chairs, bar stools, stadium seats, theater seats, dinner chairs, and traditional furniture.

The Back|Seat utilizes a unique and innovative design to provide a marked reduction in back pain.  The product sits on chairs and seats and uses the natural give of these surfaces to provide the comfort that most back pain sufferers crave while sitting.  The beauty is that it can absolutely go with you anywhere for any occasion.

The Back|Seat does target particular lower back problems such as tailbone injuries lower vertebrate issues, pinched nerves, buttocks surgery and sometimes can alleviate sciatica.

Low slanted seats of taxis or Ubers are dreadfully painful

Endless searches for the perfect customized car cushion leads to despair

Airplane seats also slant and sink, putting unbearable weight on the lower back;

Do you live in fear that there will not be a seat if you dare leave home?

Do you sit on coffee tables or the floor at friends dinner parties? At worst you choose a public floor because radiating pain prevents any thought toward upholding protocol?

Give up soft cushions that force all body weight on your coccyx and try the BACKISEAT
because it works.  The testimonies have proved;



Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 16 x 1 in

Charcoal Grey, Classic Black, Navy, Tan Sling (Purse Design)