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Reduce Back Pain by Sitting  – Soft chairs and pillowy cushions cause a slouching of the spine that can lead to back pain, stiffness, and poor posture. As our bodies cave into a soft cushion, our pelvis typically slides forward or backwards, dragging our lower spinal column with it – creating an unnatural curvature to the spine. This is the result of gravity pushing us into the soft seat, and the seat not providing sufficient support to the pelvis and spine. This is why the first few minutes of sitting in a chair after standing are so relaxing and comfortable. Our muscles no longer have to work to hold up our body, they can relax and sink into a pillowy chair. But for millions of Americans, the pleasure of relaxing in a comfy chair quickly turns to pain. This is because gravity has continued to weigh down on our bodies, but unlike while standing, the body is no longer fighting back.  
As the body relaxes, the pelvis naturally slides forward or backward as we slouch into the seat. We might start fidgeting and readjusting ourselves in a fruitless effort to find that “comfortable spot” in the seat again. But no matter how much we move, our how we try to sit, we’ll always end up slouching and sore just a few moments later.   The Back|Seat is an innovative and unorthodox approach to fighting the pain caused by slouching while sitting. In providing a firm and supportive surface, the Back|Seat keeps the pelvis directly underneath the spine, allowing the torso to rest upright without effort or strain. The Back|Seat also employs the natural give and cushion of a seat to provide the user with a sense of buoyancy that allows them to enjoy the comfort of their chair and the support of the Back|Seat.
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