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Charles Luffer Testimonial

In 1996 I dislocated my L5 Vertebrate. I stepped on a Golf ball and ended up in the Lutheran Advocate General Hospital in traction for 3 weeks.

To this day I have no feeling in my left knee to ankle due to nerve damage. I have for the majority of my adult life endured chronic back pain every time I sit in a vehicle. I purchased a BMW 128 and a Mercedez C300 because I was informed that the German seat technology was superior to the USA made cars and I would be much more comfortable. WRONG! I am still very stiff and sore after only 15 minutes of driving.

I am presently in excellent physical condition as I work out daily for two hours. In addition, I have recently been diagnosed with a new rheumatic hip problem, that according to my orthopedic, causes painful misalignment. Physical therapy relieves some discomfort, But the drove I just took from Montreal to Florida caused more pain and discomfort over a three day period than I wish to describe.


On April 8 one of the developers of the BACKISEAT handed me a new seat as a birthday gift even though they were not yet ready to market. I was blown away by her genuine concern and generosity. All she and her partner wanted was to see if the BACKISEAT could help.

So here I am writing the testimonial while sitting in front of my computer on my BACKISEAT and yes, as predicted, I can not travel or more truthfully, not live without it.


Day 1
Fort Lauderdale to Daytona to Charleston SC- 91/2 hrs I cannot believe I have absolutely no pain or stiffness and it seems the more I drive the more my alignment is returning. When I stop gas up I have no limp at all. I am straight as an arrow…I am so comfortable I can’t believe it. I then did a video testimonial for the developers to show how straight I am and how my walking is equally in alignment….I’m a believer

Day 2
Charleston SC to Winchester Virginia a long 11 hour driving day. The very minute I sat in the car I felt as refreshed as if I jumped into a perfect temperature swimming pool. Shear Pleasure. A return to normality like the old days. As therapeutic as my sleep Apnea CPAP. Total relief. My wife and I drove 12 hours and stopped 6 times for washroom, gas, food and walk about. I am now completely blown away by the fact my hip and back are now in total alignment and whenever I exit my car it is fluid, no pain or stiffness and just as the inventors suggested; the healing factor is a reality. I am no longer an invalid.

Day 3
Winchester Virginia to Montreal another 91/2 hours to go, and looking forward to another day of extreme therapy. I am so won over its ridiculous. and I am convinced the simplest product has been created that is a God sent a gift to people suffering from lower chronic back pain I can only state the following. If you suffer from back pain when you sit or when you drive then the BACKISEAT is miraculous. I’m saying that in addition to relieving discomfort its stiffness actually puts you back into alignment. I do not go anywhere without this seat under my arm to know I will be able to sit.

It lives in my car to drive anywhere I have no equity or payment for this testimonial but I swear that if you buy a BACKISEAT you will want more…. for your car, computer, dining room table etc. It is just incredible and no adjectives can describe the amount of relief and pure joy I now have.


Regards Charles(Chuck)Luffer

Montreal, CA January 14, 2018

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David (Lower Back Pain While Driving)

My back pain problems have increased over the years. From isolated incidents to more chronic pain. I was introduced to the Back Seat immediately after completing a 6-hour car drive, after which my back pain made it difficult for me to even get out of the car. Unfortunately, the natural design and curvature of my car seat was causing extensive lower back pain while driving.

I tried the Back|Seat a few hours later, and after another lengthy drive, was able to get out of the car, pain free. It was amazing how quickly the Back|Seat solved my problem and relieved my pain. I have been using it ever since, and have had no back pain from driving. I even use it in my chair at the office - Needless to say,  I am sold on the Back|Seat. After experiencing first hand the power of this product, I recommend it to anyone in pain. Don't let lower back pain stop you from driving your car or being productive at the office.

October 14, 2016

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Raúl (Portable Solution to Back Pain)

This simple concept works. A lightweight design that I take everywhere. Brilliant..... I can finally sit pain-free. I was always embarrassed to drag a big, clunky cushion around to business meetings and work dinners. Not anymore. Not only does the Back|Seat fit easily into my briefcase or suitcase - when I need to carry it around otherwise it looks like a sleek and fashionable leather laptop bag. The Back|Seat doesn't just look great, it works great too. Finally, a portable solution to back pain. I recommend the Back|Seat to anyone tired of living a life in pain.

This simple concept works.  A lightweight design that I take everywhere.   Brilliant..... I can finally sit pain free

Architect September 13, 2016

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Jake (Pathway to Pain Free Sitting)

Lower back pain forced me to give up long drives in my car, going to the movie theater, and any other activity that required sitting for hours. Not anymore. I take my Back|Seat wherever I go and can now enjoy pain free sitting anywhere. All the other back pain cushions and seat covers I found just made my pain worse. The Back|Seat is the only product I've found that actually changes the way I sit in order to tackle the underlying issues behind my pain.

September 13, 2016

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Alexa (Reduce Pain + Improve Poor Posture)

It didn’t just make sitting more comfortable, it also began to improve my posture as soon as I started using it. I spend all day in an office chair and by lunch every day my lower back is tight and sore. I was worried I might have to start working from home. The Back|Seat has been a revelation for me and I refuse to leave home without it. Not only does it reduce and relieve the lower back pain I experience while sitting, it also has this natural effect of making me sit up straight. Count me as a skeptic no longer. I LOVE my Back|Seat. Great for reducing back pain and/or to improve poor posture.

September 13, 2016